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Supermodels are not the only ones who can strut the runway. Our team is a model of excellence—dedicated, hardworking IT professionals with the patience to listen to your needs actively and provide guidance that aligns with your organization's unique goals. The prize we have our eye on is your success. Simply put, you deserve the best, and we deliver.

Mehrdad, our CEO, is the best. He made us say that.

Profitable businesses follow a process.

ITSM is like the treasure map that our brave souls use in their daily saga.

In the wild world of computing, ITSM or Information Technology Service Management is a process that aligns business objectives, helping organizations grow. At 42, our process isn't a game of Whack-A-Mole, where the moles are software glitches and service requests, and the hammer is...well, still a hammer (sometimes literally when the hardware is stubborn). It's creating an individualized approach that advances technology to better support your end-users.


Start by measuring the effectiveness of your IT operating model based on your organization's desired benchmarks.


Define the strategy, service catalog, budget, and timings to meet the organization's and user's needs.


Prepare newly designed services and upgrades to existing services, including risk and compliance impact.


Control the build, upgrade, and testing of services and processes while communicating workflow changes.


Validate and monitor service deployments against key performance indicators (KPIs) and user feedback.

Each client engagement is special, like a cuddly blanket. 42's ITSM is adaptable to the client inputs and goals.

How do we do what we do?

Each business has a story.

When you're thinking about investing in something, what's the first thing you do? Read case studies of course. They're part social proof—part quantifiable results providing you context to determine whether you're making the correct choice with us. We're biased so we're going to say, yes you are!

Case Study

Professional Services

Learn how Tucker & Marks' strategic partnership with 42, Inc. helped them focus on creating personalized living environments their clients love.

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Case Study

Private Clubs

Examine how an exclusive country club created a VIP client experience that catered to each member's goals and operational efficiency.

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Case Study

Family Offices

Understand North Berkeley Investment Partners' experience with 42, Inc., supporting their expansion in a regulated market.

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What do future innovations mean for you?

2024 technologies hotter than fire.

Your business is going to evolve, and that is a great thing. It means new opportunities and ways to connect to the people that matter most—your clients, customers, guests, or whatever you call the people you work so hard for. Below is our list of the most transformative technologies of the next couple of years and the ones you should carpe diem like right now. Questions?

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