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It's all in the details.

For 30 years, Tucker & Marks' mission has been one and the same: To create personalized living environments that their clients are proud to call home. Their design work is highly detail oriented. Their sole focus is to attend to their client's every need and desire.


  • Response time and service
  • Equipment problems / technology direction
  • Right fit for our growing company
  • Automated system implementation

In order to do this, they can't be weighed down by not getting the best out of their vendors. They can't afford to spend precious time dealing with poor response times, non-working IT equipment, and woeful customer service. Tucker and Marks needed an IT firm that would handle all of their IT needs and guide them into future innovations. A strategic partner that understands them. A firm that would come in right away and just "fit."

Enter 42, Inc.

Office Manager Patricia Brown has been with Tucker & Marks for more than 16 years. She was there for the beginning of the relationship. "We had been working with the established IT group for a couple of years when we started to notice that the response time and service were not up to par. Considering that our company was growing and we were having problems with our equipment, we were referred by the person installing some of our equipment. We were looking for a new IT company and really liked the people that we had met from 42, Inc. We made a decision to move forward with them and transfer over everything. Migration went really well and we've been with them since. We've been contacted by other IT companies who have pitched moving forward with them. It's not something I think we're ever going to be interested in."


  • Operation
  • Technological expertise
  • Long-term growth strategy
  • Smooth transition

42 had an immediate and significant impact on Tucker & Marks. Patricia said, "It was like night and day. Once the migration happened of course. There's always bumps in the road when you're doing something of that magnitude. And we had a huge database that we were migrating. Our main contact, Mehrdad, was reaching out to us from the beginning. He was consistently keeping us in the loop of what the next thing was, if there were any issues they were running into. He communicated very, very well."

How did Tucker & Marks get to that point with 42, Inc.?

Patricia continued, "It felt like it was a combination of personalities and knowledge. Once we hired them we just felt like this is what we want from a relationship. The turnaround times, leasing of our equipment, going to a more automated system- we wanted something we didn't really have to think about. The fact that we could just continue to do our business, the interior design business, and not have to worry too much about IT was extremely appealing to us. We could trust them. It felt right from the beginning, so it was a good match."

"The response and the people that 42, Inc. has working for them have been wonderful."

-- Patricia Brown

Since 2012 Tucker & Marks has found a consistent relationship with 42, Inc., whether it's their day-to-day account manager, the help desk technicians, or the CEO. And that is what has endured. So much so that Timothy Marks, co-founder, told Patricia after the migration, "We should have done this a long time ago!"

The relationship will always be the focus point for Patricia and everyone at Tucker & Marks: "The response and the people that 42, Inc. has working for them have been wonderful. I couldn't say more about them- they've been amazing. And they take care of your people. They're not going to push you into doing something that you're not comfortable with. They are terrific at explaining what we don't understand and the reasons behind why it might be a good choice going forward. I really respect that approach towards what they've done for us and it's gained our trust because of it."

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