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Your success starts with a partner who has a mindset towards bringing you business value.

Isn't this a beautiful photo of the sculpture in our front lobby? Eventually, there will be a video here.

What is business value really?

Ask 1,000 CEOs what growth is, and you'll get 1,001 answers.

We read all the reports from the big consulting firms. They say, "it has never been more challenging to achieve meaningful growth [through technology investments]." We don't know what they are doing, but we disagree.

To be blunt, if your investments are not yielding positive returns, then why go down that path? Operational efficiency is a valid expectation, but your business investments must also return net results. Period.

Well, that is one reason we are different. At 42, we are business people trapped in the bodies of technology geeks. Misfits to the core who were born to lead, guide, and empower organizations.



Of executives believe digital transformation efforts are helping them stay afloat, but aren't driving new growth.




Of digital transformation projects fall short of their goals despite stakeholder and leadership being aligned.


IT Leadership enables business strategy.

As you hitchhike through the tech-infused cosmos, let's raise a glass of something vaguely illegal to IT Leadership, the true saviors in our digital galaxy.

Imagine guiding a spaceship full of panicking people through an asteroid field of digital chaos, cosmic system crashes, and the occasional invasion of privacy-snatching aliens. That sums up the importance of IT Leadership. With it, achieving your organization's strategy and objectives will be possible. It all starts with leadership. That's where we come in. 42 was born to lead. Our mantra: DON'T PANIC.

Think like a portfolio manager.

The 42 difference is creating a balanced strategy to realize revenue from your IT technology investments.

Our team of business technologists (that's a cool title—just made that up) will create a diversified, yet focused portfolio aligned on your specific business goals, such as revenue growth, and risk mitigation. A typical investment strategy looks like the following...



Percentage of budget used to support business operations.

Other boring firms average spend: 57%.

Bada Boom


Percentage of budget used for needed business changes.

Other boring firms average spend: 27%.

Boom boom boom


Percentage of budget used to support future growth.

Other boring firms average spend: 16%.

What exactly are your IT services exactly?

That was not a typo. Okay, it was. We're rolling with it. No stopping this train.

In the interest of your time and our time...(that felt like a Fast Times at Ridgemont High moment between Spicoli and Mr. Hand)... We could give you a complete list of our services, but it doesn't matter. What matters is you and your business. If you have a current issue or want to know what we do in more depth, contact us or schedule a call. We thought a better idea was to let MidJourney AI a create some photos about what we do. We love AI. What a game-changer for businesses. Ask us how.

We have your back!

The first, and undoubtedly foremost, lesson from our trusty "Hitchhiker's Guide."

The IT leaders at 42 stay calm amidst the techno-turmoil, cyber storms, and inevitable system upgrades, ensuring nobody has to resort to a jump into hyperspace (and we all know how iffy that can be).

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