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Trust and confidence through relationships and expertise.

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Building trust through relationships.

Since 2005, North Berkeley Investment Partners (NBIP) has helped their clients protect and grow their assets in a way that accomplishes their goals and aligns with their values. They emphasize relationships and a deep commitment to the well-being of their clients, staff, and communities.

NBIP was scaling and needed an IT partner they could trust to support their expansion. As NBIP caters to high net-worth individuals throughout their portfolio, trust and security were critical qualities for their IT solutions partner. Specifically, NBIP needed to trust that the IT firm they hired could:

  • Have the knowledge to keep NBIP compliant with SEC regulations
  • Be trusted to pass along sensitive identifying information from high net-worth clients and the custodian bank or trust or brokerage house
  • Develop and nurture a CRM that grows as the company does
  • Help them with long term, big picture strategy


  • Keeping highly confidential information secure
  • SEC governed archiving retention compliance
  • Building a secure, industry-specific CRM
  • An IT firm that could scale with NBIP’s growth
  • Relationship building as IT gets outsourced

NBIP was looking for a relationship that was transformational, not transactional. 42, Inc. was not afraid to challenge NBIP with strategic ideas early in the relationship. 42 stated: “This is what your business needs. Stop putting band aids on things, let's think forward a little bit. Let's put in a solution that's going to last for you.”

According to Business Manager Dan Nakahara, it was 42’s hands on approach to communication, interest in NBIP’s business plan, and their passion for recommending the right thing instead of the easy thing that made the relationship invaluable.

"It’s important to be able trust a vendor that is so critical to your business. 42, Inc. has always interacted with us in a way so we don’t worry about the number of hours we’re using up. They don’t want us to hold on to things because we’re so worried about getting billed that we don’t bring something up," says Nakahara.

"It’s important to be able trust a vendor that is so critical to your business."

-- Dan Nakahara


  • Trust in a Compliant Infrastructure
  • Peace of Mind through Understanding of Legal Responsibilities
  • Stronger, more secure workflow
  • Flexibility with growth
  • A strategic partner

The collaboration began before Dan arrived at NBIP in 2015, and continues today with Robert, NBIP’s Account Manager with 42, Inc., who has been instrumental in creating the strongly forged relationship between the companies. The one constant has always been the foundation of trust in the relationship: “We have been working with 42, Inc. for over a decade and technology has changed quite a bit in that time. But our relationship goes beyond a piece of technology, a singular great idea, or even one particular person. The people involved in day-to-day operations of our engagement have changed, but the relationship has remained the same,” adds Nakahara.

Whether it’s migrating to the cloud, exploring mobile device management, 42, Inc. has been there for NBIP with creative ideas and the ability to back it up with their expertise. Both Dan and NBIP know this.

“The confidence and trust that we need to provide our clients mirrors what we like most about our relationship with 42, Inc. It’s an important way we try to do business. Building relationships is one of our core values. It’s been a great relationship. It’s important and I think we are fortunate to have built that with 42, Inc.”

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