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Whatever you think an IT services firm can do, we can do. Seriously.


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You can call us Code Monkeys. Web, mobile, and AI, of course.

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Winners come in all shapes and sizes.

We've been in the IT game for so long we actually remember dial-up Internet services. Remember AOL and IRC? We loved that technology. Ask us nicely and we'll show you our archive of “old” computers that will make museumgoers at the Computer History Museum jealous.

All jokes aside, we're IT pros. Our team is up on the latest trends shaping information technology today. We love what we do and want to help your organization find success. Learn more

We can't make this stuff up.

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What's with the name?

The answer to everything is 42.

In the comedic science fiction series, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams, Englishman Arthur Dent is saved just moments before Earth's demolition.

When Arthur asks a depressed robot, Marvin, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, he is told it's the number "42."

Now, we won't tell you the whole story (unless you want us to and we'll happily geek out), but needless to say, there are some hilarious characters searching for the meaning of life. Kind of like us! Learn more

Image of the meaning of life which is 42.

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