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42, Inc. Server Configuration Settings

Below are the server names and ports for your hosted email account.

Server Type Server Name Port
POP3 pop.emailsrvr.com 110
IMAP imap.emailsrvr.com 143
SMTP smtp.emailsrvr.com 25 or 587
POP3 with SSL secure.emailsrvr.com 995
IMAP with SSL secure.emailsrvr.com 993
SMTP with SSL secure.emailsrvr.com 465 or 587
  • Outgoing servers require authentication. Outlook users will need to manually enable this feature. Follow the Setup Guides, below, to configure your account.

  • When entering your User Name, please enter your entire email address (e.g., myname@mydomain.com). Also, please use all lower-case letters.

You can always access your email from any web browser in the world by logging on to this address: webmail.42inc.com

You can send and receive email from your account using virtually any desktop or handheld email client. These PDF documents will help you get started. (Requires Adobe Reader 5.0 or above.)

Outlook 2010
IMAP Setup
42 Webmail
User Guide
Outlook 2007
POP Setup
IMAP Setup
Netscape Mail
Outlook 2003
Mozilla Thunderbird

Mac Clients
Mac Mail
POP3 Setup
IMAP Setup
Outlook 2011

Wireless Clients
BIS BlackBerry
Apple iPhone
IMAP Setup
IMAP Setup

Apple iPad
IMAP Setup
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