42's Internet security services quarantine and delete potentially harmful email before it reaches your network. We protect your business from data loss and computer damage, while also saving your employees the wasted time of sorting through unwanted emails. Everyone in your organization will enjoy coming in to work each morning without having to sort through hundreds of junk messages to find the legitimate ones.

Powerful, Easy, and Cost-Effective

  • Peace of mind: we design a backup strategy that matches your business needs, and then manage its implementation and ongoing maintenance
  • Speed: Our backup service can be implemented quickly, and also enables your staff to recover lost files fast, without assistance from your help desk or ours
  • Intelligent savings: We’ll reduce your backup and recovery costs while also improving your file protection
  • Convenience: Backups can be scheduled to run automatically when you’re not working as frequently as appropriate for your business requirements
  • Safety: Before our system transfers your files the remote backup server, it encrypts all of your data
  • Flexibility: In the event of lost data, we can restore your system remotely anytime

Features of 42’s Remote Backup Services

Our Internet security service is an effective, real-time rule detection process that catches 99.5% of the junk mail directed at your users. Our service is extremely accurate and requires zero administration on your part, or changes to your server or email accounts. There's no costly server to buy, no filters to adjust, and no extra training needed for your staff. We take care of everything, so that you can focus on the email that actually matters.

Features and Benefits of 42’s Internet Security Services

  • Eliminates 99.5% of spam before it reaches your network
  • Highly accurate email filters block mail you don’t want, while allow desired mail to pass through
  • Saves your time, money, and storage
  • No costly server to buy or manage
  • No changes to your existing email configuration
  • No administration necessary; updates to anti-spam filters are implemented automatically and seamlessly

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  • Rely on a small but important computer network
  • Want peace of mind that technical problems will be resolved by professionals
  • Need to manage your IT spending carefully
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