Cloud Services

The “Cloud” is the most talked about IT topic but how does it help achieve your business goals?

“Cloud services” are information and tools accessible by all staff over the Internet from any location. This helps reduces costs, increases efficiency, and mitigates risk. The cloud is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor the “information and tools” based on your needs and objectives.

How You Can Benefit from the Cloud

The Cloud offers three core benefits:

  • Increases staff efficiency by providing collaborative tools. Whether employees are accross the hall or in different continents, we can taylor a system that will help increase productivity.

  • Lowers IT support and maintenance costs. Managing the typical IT system in-house means budgeting for regular (and even unplanned) upkeep — from replacement hard drives and software upgrades to the technical staff that installs them.

  • Enhances Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) options. Maintaining your own hardware, software, and shared files is inherently risky; in the event of a fire or other disaster, your IT assets may be jeopardized.

Real-World Examples of the Cloud

  • A small business of five people working together “virtually” from locations around the world reduced its IT expenses by using a cloud based service.

  • The CEO of a 200-person firm was concerned about how his multinational operation would recover from a disaster. By transitioning key IT services to the cloud, our client not only reduced this risk, but also freed up IT staff from basic support to more important analytical work.

  • A high-end country club wanted to eliminate its IT maintenance costs. The general manager selected 42’s hosting package to move the organization’s system from desktop machines to a centralized cloud service.

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