How Monitoring Care Works

Monitoring Care provides an award-winning availability and performance monitoring solution for your network. Through its Web-based dashboard, you or your IT staff will be able to:

  • Understand network health better through availability, performance, and predictive failure monitoring
  • Configure which services and hardware are to be monitored
  • Manage email and text notifications about network status
  • Set thresholds for alerts and alarms when incidents occur
  • Predict and prevent most network failures
  • Pinpoint root causes of problems and begin remediation without costly delay
  • Evaluate current and future IT spend based on comprehensive trending reports and analysis

Through this program, your IT staff will be able stay on top of more processes, services, and equipment than they ever could manually. Instead of fighting fires, they’ll have the headspace and time necessary to analyze and improve network performance and security.

Key Benefits of Monitoring Care

  • Reduced downtime for your entire office through your IT team’s greater proactive support
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of your IT staff without additional headcount
  • Raised awareness of potential computer and network problems, enabling preemptive fixes and a decrease in actual incidents
  • Controlled costs through a flat monthly fee
  •  Better understanding of IT spend and network performance through on-demand, user-friendly reports
  • Pinpoint root causes of problems and begin remediation without costly delay
  • Cost effective access to 42’s advanced technical skills and guidance, as needed

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Is Monitoring Care
Right for you?

If you...

  • Have at least one part-time IT administrator
  • Want to be alerted to potential network problems
  • Need a reliable technical resource to turn to in the event of a problem
...Monitoring Care will be a great fit. Contact us.
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