Some clients engage us for IT Leadership because their internal IT departments, while highly capable, don’t have the breadth of experience and perspective that a C-level technology advisor brings to the table. Others hire us because they want a visionary, business-minded peer to brainstorm about future opportunities and how technology will play into them, as they might do with an attorney or CPA on legal and financial matters. In some engagements, a 42 CIO will guide your internal IT staff, while elsewhere he or she will work exclusively with the business owner. In all cases, you’ll gain the highest level of insights into how information technology can facilitate your business goals.

How 42’s IT Leadership Works

42’s IT Leadership delivers a number of concrete deliverables, plus the insights and vision that come from brainstorming and collaborating with an executive-level technology leader.

The first, most important step occurs before you engage us: we meet, talk about your business, and get a feel for your expectations and our collective fit. Once your IT Leadership program begins, your 42 CIO provides a number of services, including:

  • An initial strategic planning meeting, definition of IT standards, and report of recommended IT steps
  • Ongoing application of technology to solve business problems and recommendations to prepare your organization for future growth and other new opportunities
  • Monthly meetings to discuss milestones, challenges, and new opportunities
  • Optional monthly monitoring services that provide you and your 42 CIO with real-time visibility into your network

Key Benefits of 42’s IT Leadership

  • Proven leadership in day-to-day IT operations, plus strong high-level guidance
  • Regular and frequent collaboration with a strategic, business-minded technology advisor
  • Assurance that your IT resources are used effectively
  • Optimization of cost of services through a mix of internal and external resources
  • Alignment of IT objectives and programs with enterprise objectives and strategies
  • Alignment of IT risk management with enterprise-wide risk management
  • Actionable insights and information to help grow your business and solve business problems through technology
  • Clarity on your organization’s technology roadmap and how it will support your business goals

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